Xm radio display not updating speed dating in wisconsin

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If the system has not started receiving the Traffic, weather, or Travel Link info update within 30 minutes, the technician should test for full operation of the XM band. Technicians should also verify that the customer has not turned off the XM Nav Traffic in the user settings of the NAV radio.

A customer may report that at times the XM Traffic, Weather, or Travel Link Fuel or Movie info takes several minutes to update and may read “NO DATA”, “UPDATING”, or Dashes “-” during that time.The FM modulator will now operate only if the unit is placed in the optional car dock.If this upgrade is not acceptable to you by reason of the loss of the FM modulator outside of the car dock, you may return your unit for a full refund by contacting XM at 1-866-259-9771.(Scanning files will occur when USB is disconnected.) (14) The scanning files dialog box was made larger to cover the animation graphic.Please select 'CONTINUE' to accept these changes and continue the upgrade, or 'CANCEL' to cancel.

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