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Simmons says that Cohen didn’t cry over his father’s death but grew closer to his mother Masha, the daughter of a highly regarded rabbi and Talmudic scholar.

At 13, Cohen studied a book on hypnotism and soon tried out what he had learned.

Janis Joplin told Cohen she preferred sex with handsome men but would make an exception for him, just once, because she felt sorry for him.

Suzanne Verdal — the Suzanne of the famous song — tells how making eye contact with Cohen was the “most intimate of touches and completely visceral.” But things never went beyond longing gazes.

After the affair ended, Mitchell remarked that, “I’m only a groupie for Picasso and Leonard.” Cohen says he has always longed for the “company of women and the sexual expression of friendship.” He admits that falling in love with him is no picnic.

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The book was written with Cohen’s cooperation; she interviewed him several times as well as dozens of others connected to his life.In some ways, Cohen’s life has been a daily battle with words.It took him five years to write Hallelujah, paring back 80 draft verses until each line rang true. 7, was still a struggling poet when he set out his plan for becoming famous in a letter to publisher Jack Mc Clelland.But as Simmons makes clear from the first pages, this ain’t no hagiography.Simmons undrapes Cohen to reveal a man with a sliver of ice in his heart, a man who drove away the beautiful women who loved him.

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