Teen self esteem and dating

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Over time, habits of negative thinking about ourselves can lower self-esteem. Do you often compare yourself with others and come up feeling less accomplished or less talented? Focus on what you do well, and cheer on others for their success.

But once you're aware of it, and know that the way you think is up to you, you can begin to change the way you think. If you're in the habit of thinking self-critically, re-train yourself by rewording these negative unkind thoughts into more helpful feedback. Are you so used to focusing on your problems that they're all you see? Still, I'll keep playing because I enjoy it." helps you accept yourself and make the best of the situation. Experiment with different activities to help you get in touch with your talents. These positive thoughts become good opinions of yourself, and add up to self-esteem. If you realize that you're unhappy with something about yourself that you can change (like getting to a healthy weight), start today.

Instead, let yourself absorb a compliment, appreciate it, and take it seriously. When you can see that what you do makes a difference, it builds your positive opinion of yourself, and makes you feel good. Spend time with the people you care about, do the things you love, and focus on what's good.

That helps you feel good about yourself, just as you are.

Domestic violence affects every member of the family.

Dating violence occurs between two people in a close relationship.

Its nature can be physical (a partner is pinched, hit, shoved, or kicked), emotional (threatening a partner or harming his or her sense of self-worth), or sexual (forcing a partner to engage in a sexual activity when he or she does not or cannot consent).

Most of the time, other people don't even notice these things! For example: "I've been following my plan to exercise every day for 45 minutes. I know I can keep it up." Take pride in your opinions and ideas. If someone disagrees, it's not a reflection on your worth or your intelligence. We don't believe it when someone says a nice thing. Do you ever think stuff like "I'd have more friends if I were more attractive"?

Instead, we think, "…yeah, but I'm not all that great…" and we brush off the compliment. Tutor a classmate who's having trouble, help clean up your neighborhood, participate in a walkathon for a good cause, or volunteer your time in some other way. Being active and fit helps you feel good about yourself. Thoughts like these can set you on a path to low self-esteem because they focus on what's not perfect instead of making the best of what is.

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