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Then the threats: give up my routes down to the tunnels or else. Tina and Jenny have been decoding a book that may explain how to open the pyramid correctly. After that wild ride, Lee tries to reassessing his situation… Well, the good news is that the mysterious book was still left inside, so whoever took Jenny doesn’t have it. On our “non-date.”So, it’s all strictly conspiracy-business for our hero today.Speaking of the girl, Lee heard her and Tina’s complaints toward someone in the next room. *Logs out*Tina: *Calmer* So, I guess I’ll meet you there. Right after leaving the house and not noticing he’s being watched, Lee uses his skateboard ride to the fairgrounds to call up some reinforcements among his reserve party a.k.a. The first call was to Biffy, who had to decline since he too has a life outside of detention.

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OK, it’s official; that quarterback really does have a thing for the Mathlete girl. Instead, El Prez had to turn down Lee for his own sub-plot. And thus the trio snuck through the gates’ bars, with Jenny taking up the rear after punching herself when her picking-impulse kicked in.

The latest threat is for each cheater to pour hot soup in their laps (and to record the temperature with the attached thermometers) and record it as a video to be emailed to the enclosed address by noon. But what’s also surprising is that the cheaters are just one member short: Steve [*Gasp* What would Greta say if she knew? Speak of the devil, the quarterback shows up long enough to give Cam his phone to show them the video and leaves it with the crew. Oh no, the girl’s finally reached her boiling point and is going to do to Jenny what she already did to Brandy! *Spots the dude in question on his way to them* Why don’t we ask him? Greta: *Having read the evidence and turns to Steve* If you know all this stuff, why are you —? And to make matters worse, Holger now realized that he created a new danger for himself: an enraged Steve (hopefully without the ‘roids).

Cam: *As Steve is rushing out* You coulda just emailed it, yo! *The group closes in on the phone’s screen and gasp at the scorching hot horror that awaits them* OK. Actually that was a false alarm; she just shoved Jenny’s hands into them as means to get her to stop the habit. Back at the fairgrounds, our Threesome-in-the-making have just entered Finnwich’s stage-show tent.

Needless to say, Jenny wasn’t thrilled, especially when Tina told her that she should keep them on for the rest of day, but eventually gives in… As it was pitch black inside, the trio decided to use the backlit on their phones to get around and search anything like a tunnel entrance.

provided that Tina can go the entire day without flirting with Lee. Well, Lee and Tina did anyway; Jenny couldn’t even hold her phone with the gloves on.

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