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; literally "Best Dad Eve") is a 2002 Hong Kong romantic comedy television drama created and produced by TVB, starring Paul Chun, Flora Chan, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tong, Jay Lau, Edmond So and Myolie Wu as the main cast.

First original broadcast began on October 14, 2002 TVB Jade weeknights during its to pm timeslot.

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Then there is youngest daughter Polly Ko Chui Yee (Myolie Wu) who is a college senior. Being cute and pretty she constantly courted by guys.

Tracy's meets Ken's cousin Kelvin Siu Hin Wah (Moses Chan) when he invest in their company and become a shareholder.

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Her manager explains she is trying to find ways to improve her shoulder and neck problems and it turns out that Gillian is seeing her boyfriend at the clinic.

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She is unreasonable and quick temper, the only daughter that is married.

Her and her husband Wong Jun Kit (Edmond So) constantly argue due to Wasabi's paranoia to keep tabs on him, but he loves her non-less and obeys her every rules.

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