Shyness dating sites

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I go blank.” She sits in a circle of 20 in a dance studio on the west side of Manhattan.Everyone takes turns introducing himself, explaining what brought him out on a Saturday evening to a dating coach’s class for the socially anxious.Despite being one of the youngest and one of the few women in the group, Rebecca quickly establishes herself among the most candid.

For men, being shy can spell disaster on the dating scene.Rebecca is a college student who is “obsessed” with the video game .She has long wavy hair and a sweet face (although she tells me later that when she gets nervous, her eyebrows pull together of their own accord and make her look angry).Picture, in extreme cases, years of isolation leading to depression, substance abuse, and suicide.Picture someone so afraid of social interaction he can’t hold a job or make friends. That’s where 32-year-old dating coach Chris Luna comes in.

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