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“You got to give the guy a chance,” said Kevin Iacovangelo, a computer-repair specialist, agreeing with Mavrakis that “nobody gets anything done in 150 days.” John Golomb, a retired steelworker, was on the fence.“I was proud to vote for Trump, but have more mixed feelings now,” Golomb said.Republicans are proposing massive cuts in Medicaid.

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It would slash a housing assistance program that’s enabled Monessen’s Eisenberg Building, a shuttered department store, to be rehabilitated for low-income home rentals.

“The 10 percent of elites that run the country don’t care about people like us.” Trump would still carry Westmoreland County if an election were held tomorrow. You could see it in the difference between the mood last week at a lunch gathering at Felicia’s restaurant in Monessen and a similar session there last year.

The group remained evenly divided, but the pro-Trump crowd was more defensive.

Trump carried surrounding Westmoreland County, once a Democratic stronghold, by almost a 2-to-1 margin and came close in Monessen, which in local races often doesn’t even have a Republican on the ballot.

Mavrakis, a Democrat, didn’t endorse him, but also left no doubt that he thought the Republican insurgent was sympathetic to a community that has lost thousands of jobs and is beset by drug addiction, a poor school system, and a dwindling tax base. The mayor was upset in a primary last month by Matt Shorraw, a 26-year-old assistant director of the local high school band.

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