Rodrigo y gabriela dating

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Satori describes the Zen - like moment of enlightenment they felt when they came through the storm.

Ixtapa - "Ixtapa is a very beautiful, very Mexican town." Roby Lakatos' wildly soaring violin solo is a perfect counterpoint to the melodic and percussive guitars.

Gab plays with rumba flamenca technique, but rumba is not the style of music they play. I have to travel a lot for work and this is the perfect driving music. Bonus: Gabriela may be the most adorable person on the planet.

But over time, their virtuoso duo-guitar instrumentals garnered them a following, which in turn led to indoor engagements where they no longer had to freeze their hands off.

Enter Mr John Leckie, legendary producer of Radiohead, The Stone Roses and Muse, to name but a few; to midwife Rod & Gab's musical vision into what you hear today.

'Juan Loco' ('Mad John') is their Mexican nickname for Mr Leckie.

Diablo Rojo - Inspired by a wild rollercoaster called 'Red Devil' at a theme park in Copenhagen, Denmark. No money, poor English and a deep sense of uncertainty.

Only an unshakeable faith in perseverance kept them going.

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