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It’s no wonder this six-year ritual is continuing strong and being replicated all over the country.“I love all midsingles activities, but there’s something about the church-sponsored conferences that I really appreciate,” says Jeni Baird, the conference committee chair. Whether it’s meeting someone new or a toolbox of tips and tricks to be a more attractive person or strengthening their testimony, everybody leaves feeling enhanced.”And what did Larry Cluff of Salt Lake City plan to walk away with? “Lots of phone numbers.”Finding Their Place Now Despite the fact that the midsingle population of the Church is often regarded as high risk, those members have also been referred to as the strength of their wards.“The truth is, the leadership in our magnet ward was 85 to 90 percent midsingles,” Lang says. They were the most experienced, mature, established, and respected.They do everything they are supposed to do, and they are in this crazy world with all this temptation around them.

There are also conferences that allow midsingles from around the country to flock together in a more literal way.“Every week I hear the same thing: ‘Bishop, if it wasn’t for this ward, I don’t know if I’d be an active member.’”Now, eight years later, there are 18 magnet wards in the country and counting.Because of their growing popularity, Campbell put together a website,, to explain how to create a magnet ward, discuss frequently asked questions, and list current Facebook groups and midsingles activities. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. “The thing about the midsingles program,” says Bishop Steve Lang, “is that these people, our friends, our brothers and sisters, they go to church, they go on missions, they keep themselves worthy, unbelievably so.

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