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She once worked bagging groceries at Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and remembers Piper as a customer. Fischer was perhaps the only one of Litchfield's staff to consistently demonstrate genuine empathy for the inmates, often making remarks in an attempt to "level" with them on the unjust nature of incarceration. She has dark brunette hair and usually wears her hair up in a bun. She has an unusually round face with a very pleasant and youthful appearance.

She has prominent smile lines extending to her chin.

“When I go back to work on the show, I’m probably just going to have to take a break from any of that extra working out.

I think just getting through the day will be enough.” Fischer, who is now back to her pre-baby weight, says the process did not come easy but that slow and steady did, in fact, win the race. I was a fit and active person before I had my son, but if there’s one thing I could do for a new mom, it’d be to alleviate her of any guilt or any stress over the idea of having her body look a certain way.” Fischer says having a blissful family life leaves her more fulfilled than having a smaller pant size.

It was started a little over 3years ago with a little more than 100 stamps, and has since then grown to almost500 stamps.

Joy (the mother of thisteam) designs realistic images, while Judy (aka/daughter) loves the “fun sideof life”, and create images with a cartoon flair.

She insists that it just wasn’t a priority to her because she’s busy raising her son and working too.

So she basically spends all of her off-set time with her baby, and she doesn’t rely on a nanny or a chef to give her more opportunities to get back in shape really fast.

NEWS: Victoria's Secret Slammed for 'Perfect Body' Campaign, Topshop Accused of Body Shaming “I love Buddy, he is one of my best friends.

Jenna Fischer is saying great things again about how women shouldn’t have to confirm to ridiculous body ideals immediately after giving birth.

Last year, she spoke of standing in solidarity with those who don’t leave the hospital wearing size 2 jeans, and a few months ago, she admitted to being angered by the trend of posing in a bikini at six weeks postpartum.

Her reasoning is that bringing another life into this world is something that women shouldn’t necessarily rush to hide, but of course there’s always going to be that awful pressure for celebrities and non-famous people alike.

Well now Jenna has lost her baby weight, and she asserts that it took ten full months for her to lose the extra pounds.

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