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Her prayers to do a sci-fi action project were answered with the TV adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s international blockbuster.The couple, who’ve been married for three years, attribute their professional success, solid union and inner peace to one major decision: waiting to have sex until after they married.“When I stopped and focused on the hardest thing, which is sex, I watched my life and career change.” WHY WAIT?In our on-demand, express-delivery and microwave-meal society, waiting for anything, especially sex, can seem inconvenient.He told The Independent that “in an ideal world” people would park up and go and spend money in his Pier House bar, but he did not seem unduly bothered that they might do something else.“If you go out of the car park and turn left,” he suggested, “You can go on a lovely coastal walk.“Community spirit at its best.” Closer to home, one Devon woman told Mr Braddick: “Fainted that you used the word 'free' - seriously well done Rob.

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“Bloody awesome as they would say here in Oz,” said Lizzie Warrener.Definitely not.” Mr Braddick’s previous community ventures have included trying to erect what would be a contender for the world’s largest surfboard on a roundabout near Westward Ho! "The roundabout gets a lot of traffic and people just drive straight across it to Bude and on to Cornwall.REGISTER NOW FOR DEVON FRANKLIN & MEAGAN GOOD'S E-LEARNING COURSE: "THE WAIT: GUIDE TO DISCOVERING LASTING LOVE THROUGH CELIBACY" On any given Sunday, you can find film producer De Von Franklin and actress Meagan Good just about anywhere.“Franklin Entertainment” is scrawled on the wall behind them.It’s his first year as CEO of his own venture after stepping down as senior vice-president of production for Columbia Pictures.

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