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As far as Randi's concerned, it all starts when Mark announces at the dinner table that he's decided to become a vegetarian."If you don't want any steak then no one's forcing you to eat them," their mother says absently.I awoke early, and I will admit that I felt slightly agitated. It not only represented our toughest remaining league fixture of the 2016/2017 campaign but there were some heavy sub-plots, too. Win, and we might just knock the stuffing out of Tottenham, the new media darlings.

Indeed, with Mourinho – totally unlovable at United – now ensconced at Old Trafford, I could not help come to a quick conclusion about our former boss. By the time I pulled in to the car park of “The Windmill” pub just off junction 19 of the M6, the drizzle was continuing. We’re top of the league, we’re top of the league, we’re top of the league.” I kept looking around at my fellow fans and was pleased to see smiles among the defiance. We needed him on the last man, ready to explode in to space. With the game resting heavily on my mind, I added a comment which hoped that our charming manager would prevail. Conte replaced Moses with Fabregas and there was a change in formation. He quickly told me that Thibaut had allegedly been injured during the filming of an advertisement for the NBA. We chatted away, then went our separate ways as the rain continued. If we win, the game is not dissected quite so much. With more time to think about things, maybe he would have chosen different personnel. We spoke about how odd it was, really, to see such a team as Manchester United, with its rich history of attacking flair, to be so happy to play spoilers. In fact, I soon thought about the two men in charge of the respective teams. To be fair, we dominated possession for the rest of the game, but never really looked like scoring. This was written for the Round 5 TSN Big Bang 2014, in response to a prompt on LJ.It wouldn't have been possible to finish this without the ever-patient hossaviour - thank you for being an awesome beta and putting up with my terrible scheduling.

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