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Throughout the last 2 months it has become quite apparent that CS's intention is to convince my wife to end or marriage and not allow me back to the family home.

They have presented her as a risk by the fact that she continues to stand by me and also because she wrote me a character reference for the court.

)However CS recently seem to have conceded and accepted that I will be going home and resuming a family life because 'they cant be involved forever'.

They have described how my wife will have to attend a barnados course teaching her how to look for signs of abuse.

I received a suspended prison sentence, supervison (probation meetings) for 18 months, community service and a SOPO allowing police officers to check my internet history on request. On the night of the sentence CS came to both my wife's and my current address to get us to sign an interim order that restricts me seeing my daughter at all outside of 2 hours a week supervised by CS whilst they carry out assessments.

I am also not allowed to facetime/skype or have my wife send me pictures of our daughter.

They have presented my wife with details of the images in relation to my conviction to try and convince her I am a danger to children and stated that I will never be allowed unsupervised access to my children ever again until they are 18.

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It seems however that CS consider my crimes to be on par with child rapists etc.

We are of course not going to do this as I understand complying with CS is the only option at the moment to not risk a care order.

However how do I, perhaps in the future once my supervison period of 18 months is complete, challenge CS not allowing me unsupervised access?

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