Draw down the moon dating

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Dating on his own wasn’t working, and he hoped the dating coaches and matchmakers at Drawing Down the Moon would make the difference.The matchmaking firm took on the challenge and carefully considered who would be a good fit for the man’s comfort level and dating experience.The matchmakers set him up on a first date with a conservative woman who didn’t mind taking things slowly. The two clicked on their first and subsequent dates and decided to keep seeing one another.

More a report from the trenches than rigorous analysis, Adler's straightforward account of these groups is not an attempt to justify their existence or to explain them away.The Short Version: Since 1984, Drawing Down the Moon, a premium matchmaking company, has paired up tens of thousands of thoughtful singles in the UK.The bespoke match system relies on human intuition, not algorithms, to match up relationship-oriented singles.Today, the couple are engaged to be married and couldn’t be happier with the match.“We just love those kind of stories,” said Gillian Mc Callum, CEO of Drawing Down the Moon.

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