Dating after divorce in your 50s Xxx sunya images

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“But at least when you know it’s got a beginning and an end, it does make you feel less anxious.” And a practical tip for when you’re actually on the date? “It’s very tempting to drink a lot when you’re a bit nervous,” says Jo.

“For every glass of wine, have a glass of water, because it slows you down a bit.” “The world of online and app dating is all very new still, and I think voice is still a really important aspect of chemistry,” says Jo.

“But sometimes, you might need a bit of time before you get out there.

Or you might need a niche dating site like Ourtime, because it feels a bit less scary than going on one of the bigger, more generic sites.” Jo also adds it might help to ask someone else’s opinion of whether you’re ready to date, if you’re in doubt.

“That might be sense of humour, somebody who enjoys sport, someone who’s adventurous – those kind of things matter.

“Then, put the rest to one side and be open minded about it.” If you’re trying online dating, Jo says what tends to be very hard for a lot of people is having to blow our own trumpet. ’ helps shape what you can say about yourself, because someone else has said it about you,” says Jo.

So rather than think of the negative, like, ‘It didn’t work out’, think ,’Why didn’t it work out? ’ And use that to make it better the next time.” And, Jo says, this can especially be true if your dating skills are a bit rusty.

“It helps with some of that anxiety, because at least you feel you’ve got to know them a little bit.” This is something Jo thinks is very important for people over 50 who are getting back into dating – especially when it comes to having a ‘type’.

“Things can take a little while to develop.” To help with first date nerves, Jo recommends meeting someone for an hour, or an hour and a half, and saying you have plans to get to afterwards – whether you actually have or not.

“If you do want to see each other again, that’s great, and if you do want to carry on with the date, you can ‘cancel’ whatever you were going to do,” says Jo.

We asked Ourtime dating expert Jo Hemmings for her tips on how to be less nervous when looking for love, again.

[Read more: 8 ways to make your dating profile stand out] “What divorced people often feel is they’re hurt, or their self-esteem or self-confidence has taken a big tumble and it might be tempting to launch yourself back into the dating world straightaway,” says Jo.

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