Consolidating print servers updating wamp

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If clients use a Domain Name System (DNS) name resolution method to connect to the print server, you can use DNS alias (CNAME) records to consolidate print servers .When you use this method, you do not have to remap printer shares on each client .Of course, when problems arise, their first call is to us …and that’s when they get the bad news: Using Network Load Balancing and DNS Round-robin to create a redundant printing solution is not supported.Hello, my name is Yong Rhee and I’m a Support Escalation Engineer on the Windows Server Core-Performance team.Every now and then, we work with a customer whose administrator is trying to deploy a printing solution on Windows Server 2003 (or Windows Server 2008) and they want to spread the load using Network Load Balancing.So what is the official Microsoft recommendation with regards to implementing a highly available Printing solution?

For companies with branch offices, retail outlets and field offices, it means that print servers have to be operated all over the place.

The disadvantages of local printing without an assigned print server are extremely significant, with the workload for administrators increasing dramatically, while the printing performance, and ultimately the employees’ workflow, deteriorates.

The only viable recommendation is to use dedicated print servers.

To use this method, you must create DNS alias records for the print servers that you remove during the consolidation .

When you create the alias records, you must specify as the target host the print server that you want to consolidate the print queues to.

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